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CONGO-KIVU anciennement Entreprises Congolaises (Entrepon) S.C.R.L.


This Company of de Launoit Group was incorporated on February 7, 1928 under the name Entreprises Congolaises (Entrepon), with its registered office in Leopoldville and its administrative headquarters in Brussels. The original capital was 6 million Belgian francs represented by 12,000 shares of 500 francs.

The 12,000 shares of 500 francs each, 20% paid up, were subscribed for by 10 comparators:

- La Foncière et Mobilière S.A. for itself and for a group, 3,100 shares

- Mr. Adrien Dawans-Biar, for himself and a group, 1,500 shares

- Société de Métallurgie et d'Industrie S.A., for itself and for a group, 1,000 shares

- Mr. Robert Warnant, for himself and a group, 1,500 shares

- Mr. André Matthyssens, for himself and for a group, 1,300 shares

- Mr. Gustave Trasenster, for himself and a group, 1,000 shares

- Mr. Fernand Naveau, for himself and a group, 1,000 shares.

- Mr. Maurice Huwart, for himself and a group, 1,000 shares

- Mr. Emile Vierset, for himself and a group, 400 shares

- Mr. le Baron Constant Goffinet, for himself and a group, 200 shares


The purpose of the Company was to carry out all agricultural, industrial, commercial, and financial operations in Belgian Congo. It could also carry out all other operations of the same nature in other countries, as well as, in any place, all operations useful to the achievement of its purpose (12-(24/05/1928)-7769).

First Board of Directors

The first Board of Directors was set at nine: Baron Constant Goffinet, Paul de Launoit, Adrien Dawans-Biar, Arsène de Launoit, Maurice Naveau, André Matthyssens, Jacques Van Hoegaerden, Emile Vierset, Robert Warnant (12-(24/05/1928)-7770).

Event(s), change(s) and transformation(s) in capital, dividend(s), stock exchange listing

On November 21 of the year it was formed, the EGM decided to increase the capital to 15 million by creating 18,000 shares of 500 francs, half of which were subscribed for by S.A. de Métallurgie et d'Industrie and the other half by S.A. La Foncière et Mobilière, with the proviso that the latter would make 9,000 shares available to shareholders at a price of BEF 515 per share in the proportion of 3 new shares for 4 old shares (12-(01/01/1929)-17).

In 1946, there were two extraordinary general meetings (12-(02-03/09/1946)-17481-17482):


A.G.E of February 18, 1946, decided several modifications:

The creation of 1,500 shares, of which 600 fully paid up and 900 in the process of being liberalized, to be remitted to the State (Capital Tax).

The reduction in capital by BEF 3 million, by amortizing previous losses. The capital of 12 million francs was then represented by 31,500 shares without designation of value, of which 12,600 were fully paid up and 18,900 were in the process of being liberalized.

A.G.E. of May 14, 1946, decided several modifications;

Modification of the company's name in Congo-Kivu;

The 15,000 new shares were subscribed for at a price of BEF 400 fully paid up by Compagnie Financière et Industrielle "Cofinindus" with the obligation to make these shares available to the former shareholders. Within a period of one month, the subscription must be made at the same price in proportion to their previous shareholding, i.e. based on one new share for two old shares on an irreducible basis only.

After this meeting, Cofinindus owned almost 73% of the Congo-Kivu company.

In 1950, the Company repurchased 1,500 shares without designation of value which were cancelled. The capital was then represented by 45,000 shares instead of 46,500 shares (12-(06/12/1950)-25163).

In 1960, the registered office was transferred to Brussels and changed into a Company under Belgian law (Law of 17 June 1960). As from that year, its corporate purpose was changed to a portfolio company which controlled Cultures et Entreprises au Kivu (CULTENI) and had holdings in a dozen other companies (4-237). The book value of the portfolio as at 31 December 1960 was 23,069,000 BEF (2-1961).

The Congo-Kivu share was listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange in 1952 until its delisting in 1971.

Results, share price *, dividends


*Extreme courses. The information in this table comes from the value memoranda for the years 1951 to 1971

Dissolution, liquidation

The Company was dissolved and put into liquidation on April 18, 1968, and several liquidation distributions were made:

- Coupon number 18 (06/05/1968), free allocation of one Sobaki share for 10 coupons number 18.

- Coupon 19 (21/10/1968), allocation of 4 Simak series A shares, at the accounting par value of 40 fb, against 5 coupons number 19.

- Coupon 20 (21/10/1968), allotment of 2 Simak B series shares, at the accounting par value of 600 fb, against 25 coupons number 20.

- Coupons 21, 22 and 23, allotment in cash.

The liquidation was closed in 1974.


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