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Société Belge de Boucheries et d'Alimentation au Congo - COBALCO S.C.R.L.





This Company was incorporated on March 4, 1929 with a capital of two million francs represented by 4,000 shares with a capital of 500 francs; in addition, 4,000 founder's shares without designation of value were created. The registered office was established in Leopoldville, the administrative headquarters in Brussels. 

Of the 4,000 shares, 3,600 were subscribed by: 

Messrs. Pol Chabeau for himself and for Louis Chabeau, 400 shares; Baron Robert de Broqueville for himself and for a group, 1. 200 shares; Edgard D'Hondt for himself and a group, 250 shares; Edmond Hubert for himself and a group, 220 shares; Ernest Hubert, 200 shares; Hippolyte Lefebure for himself and a group, 200 shares; Léo Lefrancq, 50 shares; Maurice Meeus for himself and a group, 600 shares; Robert van den Neste for himself and a group, 50 shares; Raymond van Leeuw for himself and a group, 100 shares; Florent Voisin for himself and a group, 50 shares; Gérard van Ongevalle for himself and a group, 280 shares.



The subscribed shares were paid up by 25% and a sum of 450,000 francs was made available to the new company. The remaining 400 fully paid-up shares were allocated to Mr. Pol Chabeau for the contribution described below. 

As regards the founders' shares, they were distributed as follows: 

3,000 founder’s shares to Mr. Pol Chabeau for the contribution described below; 100 founder’s shares to Messrs. Pol Chabeau, Baron Robert de Broqueville, Edgard d'Hondt and Gérard van Ongevalle for their contribution, described below, which were allocated according to their specific agreements; the remaining 900 shares were allocated to the subscribers on the basis of one founder's share for every four shares of subscribed capital.


Mr. Pol Chabeau brought to the company the result of his studies, steps, and relations with a view to the takeover and creation of refrigerators and butcheries in Congo; he brought the benefit of his representation and food trading contracts. 

Pol Chabeau, Baron Robert de Broqueville, Edgard d'Hondt and Gérard van Ongevalle contributed to the Company an agreement dated January 15, 1929, with Compagnie des Produits du Congo, by which the latter had assigned to them its rights to the N'Gili lands near Leopoldville, such rights resulting from an emphyteutic lease. 

The new Company assumed the obligations of the Contributors to Compagnie des Produits du Congo under the agreement.

First Board of Directors 

The number was set at 7 directors: 

Baron Robert de Broqueville, Edgard d'Hondt, Pol Chabeau, Louis Chabeau, Maurice Meeus, Ernest Hubert, and Gérard van Ongevalle.


The establishment in the Belgian Congo and in the neighboring colonies of breeding and cattle centers, the on-site installation of butchers, delicatessens, and any food trade.
To be able to acquire all land concessions, emphyteutic leases, to buy or lease any land or buildings, to take care of agencies, representations, to take an interest by way of transfer, contributions, mergers, sponsorship, subscription of shares or in any other way with any individuals or companies, to acquire any business, patent, monopoly in connection with its corporate activity, to make a contribution or transfer on a permanent or temporary basis of all or part of its assets, to carry out all financial, commercial, industrial or real estate operations likely to promote its corporate purpose. This enumeration was enunciative and not restrictive (12-(25-26/04/1929)-3524).

Dissolution and liquidation 

Mr. Pol Chabeau, owning all the common shares and founder's shares, the sole owner of the company, decided to dissolve and liquidate the company on July 8, 1941 (12-(16/07/1941)-11724).


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