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Société Anonyme Belge de VERRERIES COLONIALES S.A.




The Belgian S.A. de Verreries Coloniales was incorporated on August 18, 1898 with a capital of 280,000 francs divided into 2,800 shares of 100 francs each. The registered office was established in the Antwerp conurbation. 

Of the 2,800 shares issued, 1,030 were delivered to the contributors mentioned below; the remainder, i.e. 1,770 shares of 100 francs, were subscribed by the comparators: 

Louis Adriensen, 80 shares; Jules Anckaert, 20 shares; Louis Becker, 50 shares; the dowager Bosschaert du Bois, 50 shares; Alphonse Brusseel, 40 shares; Louis Coetermans, 50 shares; Joseph Daverveldt, 50 shares; Baron de Gruben, 60 shares; De Kinder, 80 shares; Arthur Denis, 15 shares; Baron de 't Serclaes, 50 shares; Baron Gaston de Vinck, 30 shares; the Dowager de Vinck, 40 shares; André De Wael, 30 shares; Jean Dewinter, 50 shares; Engeringt, 50 shares; Louis Gielis, 100 shares; Joseph Hessel, 45 shares; Louis Hessel, 50 shares; Jules Joris, 75 shares; Stanislas Kinard, 50 shares; the firm Mallinckrodt, 50 shares; Alexis Moretus-Plantin, 30 shares; Paul Osterrieth, 55 shares; Adan Spelten, 10 shares; Elis Spelten, 80 shares; Pierre Spelten, 80 shares; the firm Thys and Vander Linden, 50 shares; Van Antwerpen, 80 shares; Albert Vanden Bos, 20 shares; Léon Vander Bosch, 50 shares; Count René vande Werve, 50 shares; Guillaume Vande Putte, 50 shares; Joseph Van Put, 20 shares; Louis Waterkeyn, 80 shares. 

The subscribed shares were 50% paid up and the sum of 88,500 francs was made available to the new Company.


Adolphe Close, Ernest Daye, Daniel De Groux, Joseph Hessel, and Charles Mendiaux bring to the company: 

The results of their studies, procedures, work, trials and trips with a view to setting up the company, their experience and special knowledge of the industry and trade that constitutes the object of the company, and the agreements obtained, in particular an agreement with the head of the Venice pearl factory for the installation, supply of personnel and technical management of the plant to be created for the company. 

The comte of Brouchoven de Bergeyck contributed a piece of land located in Merxem with a capacity of 29.23 ares. 

For these contributions, Mr. Adolphe Close, Mr. Ernest Daye, Mr. Daniel De Groux, Mr. Joseph Hessel and Mr. Charles Mendiaux received 800 fully paid-up shares to be shared in accordance with their agreements and Mr. comte de Brouchoven de Bergeyck received 230 fully paid-up shares.



The manufacture and sale of all products included in glassware and especially pearls, as well as all operations related to this industry or trade (12-(04-09-1898)-3485).



Change in capital, event(s) 

On April 5, 1900, the General Meeting proposed a capital increase of 335,000 francs, to bring it to 615,000 francs, through the creation of 3,350 shares of 100 francs; this increase was rejected by the General Meeting of April 2, 1903, which also decided to dissolve the company (12-(11-04-1903)-1746). Although the increase was rejected, the title indicating the capital of 615,000 francs was printed.

Dissolution and liquidation 

Following the Meeting of April 2, 1903, the Company was dissolved and put into liquidation; the closing was effective on March 6, 1906 (12-(28-03-1906)-1369).


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